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Sergey Spektor MD PhD

MD Thesis

Diagnostic significance of variability of circus of Willis arteries in patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage. Sverdlovsk Medical Institute, 1981.

Supervisor: Dr. V. Gvosdevich, MD, PhD.

MD degree conferred 1981, cum laude

Doctoral Thesis

Surgical treatment of patients with multiple occlusive lesions of the carotid arteries and their branches. Moscow, Burdenko Neurosurgical Research Institute, 1989.

Supervisor: Prof V.P. Sakovich, MD PhD., 247 pp.

PhD in Medical Science conferred 1989.

The scientific basis for my MD, PhD thesis was physiological research and measurement of cerebral blood flow and cerebral oxygenation, and changes in these parameters as a result of reconstructive vascular surgery

Chapters in Collections 

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